Good story.

Good life. is the story of four lovers of the (good) life, who like to offer happiness to their customers. Creating places of (good) life is our mantra.


It all started at night, at the Magazine Club, with the desire to offer an alternative but unifying musical program to thousands of dancers, with a promise that is close to our hearts, to do things seriously without taking ourselves too seriously.


In 2014, we took our first steps in catering with the Mother, without experience, but with an always similar vision: to promote good products. It was time for our first canteen, and its beautiful refreshment bar. Like at mom’s.


In 2017, we continue to meet crazy producers, and we discover matured meat. It was such a crazy experience that we wanted to share it with everyone: BABE was born. The pleasure of placing the sourcing and selection of self-sufficient products at the heart of our plates, transforming very little.


2019 is coming. After an exceptional meal at Yves Camdeborde, we want to create a bistro where everything is shared, and where we break the usual structure of the meal: no more menu, no more “starters-mains-desserts”. Just a place out of time where gastronomy rubs shoulders with street-food, and where we no longer know very well where we started and where we stop. The future.


And then boom. Covid. We have time to sit down and think about what’s next. We miss our customers and we can no longer receive them. We then launched a grocery store / sandwich shop full of love: “My Love”. Love for our customers who we miss, love for our producers, love for sharing. We decide that this will be the perfect place to do our shopping, with everything we love: beer, charcuterie, wine, cheeses and… whipped cream.


Then, we decided to move to the new Place de la Gare d’Eau. Not once, but twice. Alien first, a travel tavern, a UFO where we surprise the senses and the taste buds: spices, influences of world cuisine, bizarre cocktails in a place where we wander like in an interstellar ship. And when you put your nose outside, a huge terrace with a view of a barge port. The real journey.


November 2021, and it’s Big Truck that parks right next to Alien. A local truck stop disguised as a dinner party. The best of simplicity, with well-known recipes twisted with 2022 sauce. And a big wine bar in addition, where you can taste pretty bottles under fairground lights. Life is beautiful.


Laurent Fine dining,
107 Duncan Avenue, New York
Open: 09:00 am – 01:00 pm